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Wedding Dance Lessons

Following are some ideas that will make your first dance together romantic and fun.

Then there are some images and words from couples who have taken some guidance from me and who were especially pleased with their experience.

Once the ceremony is complete and your guests and family gather to start the reception, all eyes will turn to you – for your first dance as a newly married couple.

Make that first dance memorable and fun. Choose a song you both love and practice a dance that fits your mood and your personalities.

Call or email ComeOutDancing and I will either schedule you at one of our locations in Evanston or help you find an instructor and/or studio near your home or work locations. You may need as few as 3 hours or as many as 12 hours to get really comfortable with the music and the dance. The goals are that you actually enjoy the dance together, look back on it with pride and, ideally, that you continue to dance together throughout your marriage.

Packages can range from $180 to $500, and the instructor and studio will usually cost about $80 to $90 an hour. The time required will depend on your existing skill level, the kind of dance you want to do in front of your guests and how much you want to choreograph. Some couples choose to choreograph the whole piece of music; some want to start and end with a flourish and improvise in between. And some couples prefer to dance just to the first few bars, then invite others to join them on the floor.

You may choose to take classes as a couple in a private hour of instruction or combine private and group lessons. You may want to include some members of your wedding party: it can be a joy to get both families together for a few practice sessions as you plan the big day.

I will help you accomplish your goal. Start as early as possible in the planning process – then you are not rushed at the end and you actually get to spend this time together doing something fun. One couple reported just before the big day that their favorite part of the process was the time spent together in the dance lessons – no phones, no pressure, just music and some romance – during a very hectic period.

You may schedule dance lesson appointments during day, evening or weekend hours.

Remember that this is a wedding gift to one another. You will enjoy the results the rest of your lives.

Wedding Couples

I am always appreciative when I get a call or email after the wedding with some happy feedback about the first dance. I will share some of the feedback here.

Kevin and Heidi took some lessons from me before their wedding ceremony at Callanwolde. Follow the link to see some photos.

Maria & Michael were really well prepared and had learned  several dances for their ceremony and celebration which took place with their families in Germany.  Here is what Maria said after the wedding:

“Our dance lessons with Shirley were a magical part of our wedding preparations.  She made us feel comfortable and worked with us to develop our general dance skills (waltz, two-step, swing) and to help us choreograph our special wedding dance for “I Could Be Persuaded.”  Amidst all the stress and distractions of wedding minutiae, our dance lessons were a sweet, romantic oasis.  When it finally came time to waltz out onto that floor, we were ready:  We trusted ourselves, the music, and each other.”

I would like to help you enjoy that first dance together after your ceremony.  Call or email me and let’s get started.

Shirley Adams


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