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Dance Shoes

Dance Shoes

Any comfortable shoe can work for dancing if the sole is right. (Sounds like how to choose dance partners too.)

The shoe should allow you move and turn without  grabbing the floor (and twisting your knee) but should not be slippery. While leather or suede soles work best (except for the animal), dance sneakers actually have rubber soles but they are smooth and allow movement and control.

I am not familiar with stores in the bay area. Let me know what you have found.

If you get to NYC, Shirley recommends that you be sure to visit the  Sansha’s Shoes retail store there. It is the only one in the US and the prices are really low and the selection is huge.

Also from Shirley: I bought my first real dance shoes when I was in London at  Supadance.  the factory (or is it the warehouse only>) is on the docklands railroad a bit east of the city. Those Supadance sneakers were so comfortable, I wore them everywhere. I am considering having them ‘bronzed’ you know like parents use to do with their baby’s first shoe.

In Atlanta, I buy dance shoes at Dance Fashion Warehouse on Roswell Road just outside the Perimeter. The owner will give you a small discount if you mention  ComeOutDancing.

Also, in Atlanta, try Abbadabba’s shoe stores for comfortable shoes with leather soles. The owner, Janice Abernethy,  dances in her ‘cool shoes’ two or three times a week.

Janice says that the brands that she dances in are “Think” and “Cydwok” (pronounced “sidewalk”), but they are NOT cheap.  She says that  for dancing, she has also worn shoes from Abbadabba’s that have a combination sole and are much less expensive. They include  are Indigo, Sofft, and Naot.  Abbadabba’s Stores also have some Frye boots that work.  Janice adds that there are much larger selections for women than men at this time, but she is  working on it.

Online, try all the sites above and also Liberts – they have good prices.


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