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I am new to the Evanston area. I learned to dance back home in Atlanta and fell in love with couples dancing, leading and following to every type of music.  I taught classes there and spent many hours taking and giving classes and traveling with wonderful partners around well worn dance floors.

Most of my friends are social dancers and I credit dance with keeping me fit and friendly and improving my posture and my personality.

I am a  social dancer and can teach most people to love to dance. At least at the beginning level – where most of the fun is.

I encourage you to listen to music every day, sing whenever you can and support live music by going out to hear local and touring musicians.

And know that you can count on dancers to be people who enjoy the company of others,  who love music, who attend to their health and who drink moderately or not at all.

So whether you are partnered or single, dance venues can be great places to make friends.

Skippy Blair said about relationships that you can learn a lot about balancing relationships in a west coast swing class.

And Kyle Redd said that to learn to dance well, you have to be willing to look (be?) uncool to get to cool.

And I agree with the woman who said that there are shortcuts to happiness and dance is one of them.

I hope to meet you on a dance floor soon.


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