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A new series of Beginner Dance Classes starts June 16, 2012 in Evanston, IL

We have three Saturday afternoons scheduled for the first three “I can’t dance” dance classes: Saturday, June 16, June 23 and July 7 (yes we skip June 30). Time is 5pm and classes last an hour.

Place is Unitarian Church of Evanston at corner of Ridge and Greenwood. Parking is in lot off of Greenwood but address is 1330 Ridge Ave. in Evanston, IL  The cost of the 3 classes is $50 per person. You may come alone or with a partner. Both work fine. You will have partners with whom you can dance.

Course content will include but not be limited to:

Dance frame – how to connect to a partner as a lead or a follow.

Outside and inside turns in closed and in open position (turns work for both the lead and the follow)

A few fun moves that work in most dances, like the cuddle and the promenade.

We will practice the steps in first the merengue and then in the merengue hustle. Both of these are simple dances that work to lots of music.

We will waltz in the country style (as opposed to the american or international style) and incorporate all the steps into the waltz.

We will focus a bit on rhythm and ways to help leads get their ‘footing’ in tempo with the music.

And of course we will learn a simple ‘dip’ to incorporate into your dances.


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