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Group Dance Classes Evanston IL January 2015

Tuesday, December 9th, 2014

Some dancers who have been through the beginner classes asked for an Improvers Class. Motivated by their requests, and having the studio space at Noyes, I have scheduled group classes for beginners, improvers and for beginning salsa. The dates are all Sunday afternoons, starting Sunday, January 25.

The series run for three class sessions.

Check the calendar for details and email to register or get more details.

Beginners class will use merengue and one-step, four count hustle and country waltz to learn to dance as a couple to a variety of dance rhythms. Special emphasis on dance frame, connecting to your partner, moving to the music and having fun.

Improvers will get a taste of american rumba or bossanova, social foxtrot and east coast swing.

Salsa class will give you the rhythm and feel for salsa with some basic patterns for dancing as a couple and moving to this fast paced music.

Classes are open to couples and individuals. Small class sizes.


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