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“I Can’t Dance” Dance classes offered in Berkeley in 2011

Thursday, December 23rd, 2010

Hooray! After a lovely rest from teaching, I am happy to be offering my favorite class again – this time in Berkeley, CA.  So many people think that they can’t dance but this three session series will change your mind.  I will offer a different series each month starting January 12.  Class one is about how to ‘hold’ your partner so you can actually move together – comfortably. You will do some ‘slow dancing’  or the one step, incorporate some turns and close the hour with the merengue – a two count dance. Merengue music and dance is some of the happiest music I know.

Class two advances to a simple four count hustle step that works to so much music. It introduces the connection you need for swing and salsa and faster dances.  The turns are easy once you understand how to connect with your partner.

Class three includes a bit of waltz, actually country waltz,  a three count walking dance that is challenging because it ‘travels’ but oh so useful at those weddings and bar mitzvah’s.  The class chooses one more dance – often swing or rumba – to close out the sessions.

It is great fun and in a small class, you learn so much.  Email for registration or with questions.


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