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Why should you come out on Friday Nights to learn American Rumba?

The rumba rhythm is a four count rhythm – and most songs are written in four or eight count phrases, so this dance ‘works’ or fits a huge amount of music.

Ballads especially make great rumbas. So do love songs. Often half of the Grammy nominees are a rhythm that fits either American rumba or its European cousin, the bossanova. (Adele, Duffy, Maroon 5, Sara Barielles, Leona Lewis, even Ne-Yo are some of the Grammy 2009 artists whose songs include some rumbas.)

If you are still on the fence, remember that rumba is essentially slow salsa and is also related to Country Western Nightclub two step. Since rumba is a slow dance, it is useful to learn some moves in rumba and then transfer them to salsa.

We dance at the studio on the square in Decatur – next door to the Raging Burrito restaurant.

This Friday, we will have supper at Raging Burrito before the lesson.  We usually gather about 6:30pm.

The lesson fee on Fridays is a sliding scale of $7 to $15.

The second hour of dance in the studio at 9pm varies a bit each week and those present usually request music and dances.

We review the dances we have learned recently: Two step, waltz and tango are the last 3 dances we learned.


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